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What most men don’t know is that dating a trans woman is different and it requires a different approach. There are some things a man should not say or do when dating a trans woman if he wants to keep the relationship. However, men keep doing the same mistakes whereas with minor changes in behaviour and outlook would increase the chances of meeting a trans woman. When dating a trans woman, you should:

Avoid using derogatory terms that can insult your date. You should avoid using terms such as tyranny, shemale or ladyboy because they tend to provoke negative emotions from the woman. Mostly, trans women hate being objectified due to their sexual preference or orientation and hence you should avoid using such terms at all costs. Just like other women, trans sexual women prefer men who value them, who make them feel comfortable and a partner who will make them feel loved and not used. Even if you use these terms and you don’t mean them, your date will still get offended and avoiding to use the terms is the only way out. However, you can use transsexual or TS because they are more acceptable and friendly.

Avoid defending yourself especially on your first date. Most men make this mistake unintentionally by trying to explain their sexuality and giving excuses about their sexuality. This is usually a turn off to most ts women and saying all these things just creates a confusion between the two. It is important to know that ts women love dating men who have a stand of knowing what they want and who they really are. If you start being defensive, you pass the wrong message and your date my not be successful.

Don’t be arrogant. Another common mistake is when men think that they are making ts women better by dating them. Thinking that they are doing ts women a favour by dating them! This is wrong and besides coming off as arrogant, you will ruin your chance of being with the most amazing women you will ever come across. Ts women have met rich, physically fit, geeks and handsome men and with all their experience, you might not even be among the most handsome men she has ever met. Therefore, to keep your date, be respectful throughout since everyone deserves to be respected. You will come to understand that, if you treat your ts date well, they are the most amazing women you will come across in your life.

Avoid being impatient. Ts women know their worth and if you try to make them feel worthless, it’s a guarantee that you will not have her around for a long time. Hence, don’t be irresponsible, lax and careless because you will ruin your chances of having her.

Tips in dating a transsexual in a tyranny dating site
Tyranny dating site offers a great experience to men who want to date trans women. These sites have tons of trans women looking for a date increasing the chances of men getting ts dates. However, not everyone has been pleased by the experience in online dating sites especially if they do it the wrong way. Therefore, to have an unforgettable experience, you need to do it right by considering a number of tips. Some of the tips you should consider are:

  1. Sign up to a tyranny dating site that offers a webcam dating feature
A dating site that has a web cam feature enables you to see whoever you are planning to date before you get to meet them in person. A lot of men have been disappointed after meeting their transsexual dates in person because they don’t meet their expectations. You can go through their profiles, pictures etc. but with the current technology advancements, people can manipulate photos to look great. In fact, there are filters, computer programs and applications which might alter pictures to make someone look great. Therefore, if you want to have an idea of how your potential date looks like, engage them in a video chat before meeting them. You will learn a lot about them and you will be able to manage your expectations. After all, physical attraction is important for a relationship especially for men.

  1. Be polite, civil and well-mannered to every transsexual
After signing up to a transsexual dating site, you will interact and meet with many transsexuals. You are advised to be polite and civil to each and every one even if you are not attracted to them because what goes around comes around. You don’t have to disrespect a ts because you don’t like her, instead, compliment them just like you would do to any other woman. You never know, she could be a close friend or even a relative to a ts woman you are dating or planning to date.

  1. Think, plan and know what you will talk about before starting a conversation
Never start a conversation with a trans woman if you’ve not prepared well because you could blow up the only chance you had. Even though she is attractive and you are tempted to start a conversation, be patient to have a chance of doing it right. Visit their profile to learn more about them, know their interests, dislikes, places of interest etc. All this information will help you have a variety of topics when you start a conversation. You are not supposed to start a conversation with a trans sexual if you don’t have several topics in mind. This will not only make you attractive and interesting but also give the trans woman an impression that you’ve prepared for a date. When talking to a trans woman, do it like you are talking to a normal human being and avoid discussing gay and trans sexual topics. Instead, talk about your interests and the similarities you’ve to help in bonding. After you have started dating and you are close, you can start discussing all the topics to know each other’s stand. At this point, you can have a good discussion or even an argument about something without ruining your relationship.

If you follow these tips, you increase the chances of finding a good date and having a long lasting relationship with a trans woman. Later on after your relationship is stable, you inquire what she likes, dislikes and prefers to avoid doing it. Basically, relationships are about knowing each other well to avoid hurting each other’s feelings. Finally, just like in a normal relationship, expect to have disagreements but if you are committed, the two of you can solve them.

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